Different things that a Naturopath can help with

//Different things that a Naturopath can help with

Different things that a Naturopath can help with

Most people out there have at least heard of a Naturopath but haven’t the foggiest idea of what they do and what they are able to help with. Unfortunately, natural medicine can sometimes get a bad rap and people get the wrong idea about what the services really area.

A Naturopath is a professional who specialises in alternative medicine, meaning natural options to healing and health.

They will offer consultations where they will usually take a health history and perform some testing. From there, a follow-up appointment is usually held where a plan is developed specifically for the person at hand.

This plan may contain a food plan, supplements to take, tonics to try, and other lifestyle changes such as developing a deep breathing practice. Not just anybody can be a Naturopath and professionals will require many years of training to become experts in their field.

So what sort of things can a Naturopath help with?
It is not uncommon for someone to visit a Naturopath as a last resort. They may have experienced ongoing chronic pain and fatigue and all of the traditional testing had come back normal.

A Naturopath is able to take the time to take a full health history and to discuss what they think may be causing the issue.

Furthermore, they are able to offer alternative testing options such as a live blood analysis to assess conditions such as leaky gut syndrome or candida overgrowth. Similarly, many women experience severe hormonal issues, however, the only solution offered by their GP is to take the contraceptive pill or synthetic hormones.

A Naturopath can advise on different herbs that can be taken and that have been used to help women for hundreds of years. Furthermore, they are able to create personalised tinctures that may contain a few different products specifically for their client at hand. Other common ailments that people visit a Naturopath for are skin conditions, gut issues, anxiety, sleep, reproductive issues, stress, weight-loss, or low moods.

Most importantly a Naturopath is never going to treat their patient like they are faking it and won’t get annoyed if they need regular appointments.

Moreover, they take a holistic approach and so will implement changes that will look at every aspect of life such as food, water, work, relationships, creativity, supplements and more.

For this reason, many people experience a shift in their lives when implementing Naturopathy.

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