Is Naturopathy an option for children?

//Is Naturopathy an option for children?

Is Naturopathy an option for children?

There are many health-conscious parents out there that would like to avoid giving their children traditionally medication as much as possible. While there are times when this simply cannot be avoided, they are well aware that to every medication there is a side-effect.

For example, giving a child anti-biotics can kill the good bacteria in their stomach which can lead to gut issues down the track. Because of this, many parents have thought about taking their child to see a Naturopath but are not certain if this is the best option.

Most Naturopaths would agree that herbal medicine is not to be used to replace traditional medicine but to work along side it. In some non-serious cases such as the common cold, there are certainly different tonics, tinctures, and herbs that can be used to naturally reduce the severity of that.

Furthermore, Naturopathy is great to use as a preventative measure rather than as a cure. For example, a child could be taken on a regular basis to see a Naturopath who could give them supplements to keep their immune system strong, to help them concentrate in class, or to deal with different food allergies.

A Naturopath can help your child in other ways too

Most professionals will have a passion for offering a more natural solution for your child. This means that they can offer valuable advice on what types of products to avoid. For example, traditional sunscreens are filled with chemicals and nasties which are not ideal to put on the skin.

This is why many Naturopathic clinics will have a small store where they sell more natural variants of products.

They are also able to offer non-traditional testing which can let parents know if their children have any mineral deficiencies, yeast overgrowths, heavy-metal overload, or issues with their gut bacteria. From there, they can offer lifestyle changes which will help children be their most healthy and happy selves. While there are many benefits to seeking the support of a Naturopath, it is important to not give away traditional medicine altogether.

A GP and a Naturopath can be seen in conjunction and will give any child the best chance of getting through flu season, dealing with anxiety, and aiding with skin conditions. Most professionals will know what kinds of herbs cannot be given to children, but if feeling worried, all that parents have to do is ask and discuss this with their Naturopath.


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