Natural Remedies

Clinical Nutrition

Occasionally, when your diet does not provide enough specific nutrients or where lifestyle factors deplete nutrients rapidly, supplementation can significantly improve your health and wellbeing.

At Strengthening Your Health, Naturally we uses and prescribes ‘practitioner only’ products to ensure that you receive the best, most easily absorbed and most currently researched products.

Whilst many nutritional and herbal supplements are readily available in supermarkets, not all of these products are easily absorbed. These products may contain additives, colourings and fillers that may make them harder to digest and absorb. ‘Practitioner only’ products, do not contain these chemicals therefore are gentler on the digestive system. By taking ‘practitioner only’ products, you may notice results sooner!

Did You Know?

Nutrients come in different forms (i.e. Vitamin C comes as Sodium ascorbate, Calcium Ascorbate, Ascorbic acid, etc). Of these different forms, some are more easily absorbed than others.

Naturopaths are trained to assess products. This allows Naturopaths to make better choices on which products are best for various medical conditions.

Did You Know?

Some conditions are affected and often made worse by certain foods or chemicals.

Dietary Analysis

By assessing your diet, Candace can assess which nutrients you are lacking. She will then work with you to determine the dietary changes that would be of most benefit to you and that can be managed by you, to improve your health and wellbeing. Certain conditions (such as skin conditions) may be made worse by certain foods, therefore by analysing your diet, we can determine which foods may be contributing to your condition.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years. Before the development of pharmaceutical preparations, all medicines were herbal in origin. Herbal medicine is still the major form of health care in most indigenous cultures.

Herbal medicine is the use of different plants and plant parts to help alleviate symptoms and address the cause of the disease. Once a diagnosis has been made, Candace may mix a liquid preparation of herbs for you while you wait, thus ensuring that the medications you receive from her are what’s best for your condition.

Herbal medicine is continually being researched and proven scientifically as having benefits in the treatment of many medically diagnosed conditions. It is considered a safer alternative to pharmaceutical medicine and less harmful to the body. It may also be absorbed and digested easier than other medications. If prescribed properly by a herbalist/naturopath, herbal medicine has no side effects. Herbs are also safe to use in conjunction with all other medications, however some herbs cannot be taken at the same time as pharmaceutical medications. If you are interested in taking herbal medicines, please call your Naturopath before you commence taking them.

Did You Know?

Many pharmaceutical medications used commonly today are derived from herbs.

For example; Aspirin is derived from Meadowsweet, Codeine from Poppy and Digoxin from Foxglove

Did You Know?

Homeopathy is safe for people of all ages and in all states of health

(i.e. the sick, elderly, healthy, children, pregnant women, etc).


Homeopathy may be likened to vaccinations. It works on the same principle, whereby a diluted form of an allergy, disease, or other substance that ordinarily would cause disease, if taken in a diluted form, assists the body to fight that very disease. Homoeopathy is a favoured medicine for children, elderly and pregnant women as it is completely safe and easy to take.

Flower Essence Therapy

Flower essence therapy is also a very gentle form of medicine. It works via the mental and psychological aspects of a person’s illness.

Did You Know?

Flower essences use the 'essence' or 'energy' of various flowers to promote health.

Did You Know?

There are things in our environment that contribute to our health.

For example, certain fabrics, cleaning and beauty products may contribute to skin/allergic conditions.

Lifestyle Choices

The amount we exercise, when and how we eat and our living and working conditions all contribute to our health. Whilst certain things contributing to our health (i.e. work stress) may not be easily changed, there are many things we can do to reduce the effects of these events, such as relaxation techniques and stress reducing medicines.

Did You Know?

Naturopaths work in conjunction with all other Health Care Professionals. This means that you can see a Naturopath in conjunction with your GP. This ensures the best health care is provided to you.