What exactly is Naturopathy?

//What exactly is Naturopathy?

What exactly is Naturopathy?

There are many different types of alternative medicine practitioners out there such as a reiki master, a massage artist, or an energy healer. A more common type of alternative medicine practitioner is a Naturopath. A Naturopath is someone who is passionate about holistic health and who has completed a bachelor’s degree in their field.

Their daily duties will consist of analysing their patient’s symptoms, prescribing holistic medicine (such as herbs), perform in-clinic treatments (such as diffusing essential oils), performing in-clinic testing (such as an alkalinity test), and will offer general lifestyle advice. A great deal of their day is also dedicated to record keeping and administration. They can work from home, however, will more commonly work in their own private office or in an office that offers other related services such as acupuncture or massage. While their services are not covered by Medicare, many private health companies will offer a rebate for their members.

So why go to see a Naturopath?

There can be many reasons why it is beneficial to see a Naturopath. One of the best reasons is that they have more time to spend with their patients than a normal doctor would. In an initial consultation, they are able to take a full-health history where they can uncover things that others may have missed. For example, somebody may have experienced glandular fever a few times as a teenager and have never quite recovered.

Similarly, somebody may have gone through a traumatic event and have experienced chronic fatigue ever since. Somebody else may have taken a trip overseas and have since suffered from a temperamental stomach. Whatever the issue at hand may be, a Naturopath is the person to see who is able to take the time to uncover the cause and offer different natural solutions.

Other types of therapies they can use

Each and every Naturopath will be different, and some will specialise in certain areas. Such areas could be reiki, counselling, flower essences, nutrition, massage, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, energy healing, or something else entirely.

But what all practitioners do have in common is that they look for the cause of the issue, not just to put a band-aid over it. So, all in all, a Naturopath is someone who is trained and passionate about holistic health and is the best person to see when somebody wants to take a natural approach to their healing.



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