What to expect when visiting a Naturopath

//What to expect when visiting a Naturopath

What to expect when visiting a Naturopath

When visiting a Naturopath, it is important to know what to expect. Naturopathy appointments can be quite costly (except when visiting a student practitioner) so clients need to know what is going to happen so that they are not disappointed.

The first thing to know is that an initial consultation of usually an hour will first need to be attended. While some practitioners will include treatment in their first appointment, it is more likely that they will want their patients to return for a follow-up appointment.

The reason for this is so they are able to get an in-depth idea of what is going on in their patient’s life. They want to get a good idea of the whole picture before they start prescribing anything. It is also important to know that while sessions are covered by some private health companies (it is best to call a private health company to see if they offer such rebates), any testing or medicine prescribed will not be covered.

Because of this, it is important to let a Naturopath know what your budget is before attending an appointment. Some people leave having spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars but are not able to return for any follow-up appointments. The reason for this is because alternative testing and medication are not recognised by the government so there are no government rebates available (but hopefully one day that will change).

Supplements will likely be prescribed

After the initial consultation has been performed, it is likely that supplements will be prescribed. The great thing about visiting a Naturopath is that they will often have blended products available.

This means they will know what will work well together to achieve the best result and will save their patients from having to buy two or three different things. Having said this, a practitioner may recommend two or three things to begin with but never anymore because it is important to know what will work.

Furthermore, it is important to know that certain products may not agree with certain people and so something else will need to be tried. While a Naturopath will do everything in their power to “get it right” the first time, visiting a clinic is more about going on an investigational journey with a practitioner. While this may take a little time, money, and energy, it is usually well worth it to get the best results.

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